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About Quetta

Quetta is the largest city and administrative center of the Baluchistan province. Located at an altitude of 1654 meters above sea level, the city enjoys a cooler climate compared to the rest of Pakistan, offering a pleasant getaway every season. Known as the 'Paris of Pakistan' due to its impressive architecture, Quetta is also the country's fruit production hub with vast farms. With a population of around 2 million, the city attracts thousands of tourists each year with its historical structures and natural beauty.
Ziarat Mountain, adorned with 7,000-year-old juniper trees spanning both sports and valleys, is one of the city's most popular tourist spots. Pishin Valley, known for its agricultural fields, centuries-old farms, and lively festivals, is frequently visited by tourists. Located 14 kilometers from Quetta, Hanna Lake, which you can explore with guided tours, is a must-visit destination surrounded by snowy mountains, camping sites, and hiking trails. You can participate in fishing activities, and boat trips, and explore the islands in the middle of the lake.
Hazar Ganji Chiltan National Park, surrounded by over 35,000 fruit trees, is considered Quetta's most famous natural haven. The national park, meaning "Thousand Jewels," is a preferred destination for wildlife photography safaris due to its rich biodiversity. You can also visit Urak Valley, 22 kilometers from the city, to walk among enchanting waterfalls and centuries-old trees.
In the city known for Baluchi mirrors and handmade carpets, Quetta Local Market offers a variety of souvenirs, and its restaurants serving local cuisine are among the first places tourists visit. Before starting your shopping spree, you can explore the collections of the Quetta Museum located next to the market, showcasing priceless artifacts from Stone Age weapons to handwritten sacred scriptures and kiln products.
Quetta International Airport, the fourth-largest airport in Pakistan and the largest in the Baluchistan province connects to many cities worldwide with direct or connecting flights. From there, you can easily reach Quetta city center, 12 kilometers away, using buses, trains, or taxis. Like other cities in Pakistan, Quetta has heavy traffic, but you can quickly reach tourist spots by renting a bicycle or using rickshaws and tuk-tuks.

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To which airport are the flights to Quetta arranged?

Quetta flights are organized to Quetta Intl. Airport.

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Flydubai organizes direct flights to Quetta from Dubai.

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