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About Quebec city

Quebec City is the capital of the province of Quebec located in eastern Canada. The city is situated on the two banks of the Saint Lawrence River. A little further of the northern bank, this river merges with the Saint Charles River. Thanks to this situation, the city has rich and fertile soils. However, agriculture is not common among the people. The residents of Quebec City are mostly engaged in manufacturing industry, tourism and public sector.

In Quebec City, the characteristics of the humid terrestrial climate are observed. The city receives precipitation all year long. The winter months are very cold and snowy. In the summer months, the temperature is very high.

Quebec City is home to more than a hundred parks and gardens where you can do a lot of different activities such as hiking, picnic, sports, canoeing, water skiing, paddle boating or birdwatching. The region, which is known as the Old Town and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is made up of the streets whose all corners should be visited. On the streets, there are structures resembling medieval European architecture. In this region, there are nice places where you can eat something or drink coffee, and there are many shops and stores where you can do shopping. If you have enough time for shopping, you should visit the Petit Champlain District, the Saint Jean Road, the old harbor area and the Art District.

You should definitely visit the Montmorency Falls, which is 30 meters higher than the Niagara Falls. Notre Dame de Quebec Cathedral is among the most popular places with its stupendous ceiling height, colorful stained-glass windows, mosaics and oil paintings. If you have enough time and are looking for a place to have fun with your children, Valcartier Vocation Village, the largest theme park of Eastern Canada, promises exciting moments that you can enjoy all day long without getting bored. The city also has museums and art galleries in many different subjects. In Quebec City, you can find many examples from all cuisines of the world, but you should definitely try seafood.

Winter Carnival, which is held every February as a 100 year-tradition and lasts for 2-3 weeks, is accepted as the most enjoyable and important time of the city. The gigantic palace, made of ice, shows up on the square as an indispensable symbol of carnival.

Transportation in Quebec City is provided by buses and taxis. It is possible travel to cities such as Montreal and Toronto by train. In addition, the port on the river offers maritime transportation alternative. Jean Lesage International Airport is located 11 miles of the city center.

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