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Puerto Galera is a wonderful coastal town famous for its white sandy beaches. The town is located in the Philippines. It offers a fantastic environment with its beaches, bays and forests where you can get in touch with nature. The town was included in The Man and The Biosphere Programme of UNESCO in 1973.

In Puerto Galera, which offers a paradise for nature and water sports lovers, there are more than 40 diving areas. You can visit these points with boat tours. In addition, you can see every part of the island by joining a sightseeing tour. Cycling and hiking tours can be interesting for those who want to enjoy every second of their trips.

The White Beach is the most famous beach of Puerto Galera. For this reason, it can be a little crowded especially at weekends and on holidays. The coastal region is very lively with bars and restaurants. You can find everything you seek for in this town having a lively nightlife and nice restaurants. If you don’t like crowded beaches and look for a calmer place, you can choose Aninuan, Palangan or Talipanan beaches. One of the most important activities to do in Puerto Galera is to discover the waterfalls. You need to spend a few days to see every part of Tamaraw, Aninuan, Tukuran and Talipanan waterfalls. The most famous one among them is the Tamaraw Waterfalls located approximately 2 hours away from the White Beach. You can reach the waterfall in about half an hour on foot after reaching a point by bicycle or by joining a safari tour. For getting information about the history of Puerto Galera, you can visit the Mangyan Village. Restored by the Ayala Foundation, this village is like an open-air museum. You can also find a variety of handicrafts in the village and try its local tastes.

In Puerto Galera, you will find delicious tastes from the Pilipino cuisine. The dishes cooked by using red and white meat varieties are always served with local rice meal. You can feel the taste of ginger and garlic in the main dishes seasoned with a wide variety of spices and sauces. You can enjoy the special desserts, tea and coffee in this beautiful town.

Puerto Galera is generally more crowded in November and March. However, you can visit this town in any month of the year. Since there are typhoons from June to September, you may not want to visit the town in this season.

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