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Lawica Airport is one of the oldest buildings in Polish aviation history and was built in Poznan in 1913. The northern section of the airport was opened for military purposes of training and flights of German military aircrafts until 2009. Lawica Airport was bombed and severely damaged during the Second World War, so it was completely renovated after the war. In 2001, a new terminal building was opened at Lawica Airport and because of this many new flight routes began. Lawica Airport operates domestic and international flights and every year, 1 and a half million passengers use the airport.



Getting to the City Center from Poznan Lawica Henryk Wieniawski Airport

Poznan, one of the liveliest cities in Poland, is also one of the important cultural, educational and trade centers of the region. The city is built on the banks of the Warta River, and attracts a large number of visitors due to the influence of universities and other educational institutions. The annual theater festival and the Poznan Classical Music Festival are among the city's most popular activities.

The airport in Poznan, about 7 kilometers west of the city center, connects the city to other cities in Poland and the world. Those who want to get to and from the airport and the city center by private vehicle or rented car can find their way without difficulty in the city. Those who follow the Poznan city center signs using the A2 route in the city can reach the center of the city from the airport in a short time. It is also possible to travel to Warsaw, the capital of the country, by using this route again.

If you want to get to the city center by public transport, there are buses going from the airport to different parts of the city. Once you have left the terminal building you can take one of the Poznan taxis waiting for you at the door, rent a limousine or use the hotel's shuttle if yours offer one.

The taxi fares in the city are not very high, just like in the rest of Poland. Moreover, the fact that the city center is located very close to the airport allows taxis to take a step forward. Taxis usually have a taximeter, but you may also have an idea about the average amount you will pay to the city center by talking to the driver before you start your journey. Thanks to the car rental services at the airport, you can rent a car from here as soon as you land and can continue your journey with your own car.

Another alternative in the city is the limousines. The reason why the limousines, which are more expensive than the other transportation means of the city, are preferred is to have a more convenient and prestigious transportation opportunity.

There are also many privileged services waiting for passengers traveling from Poznan Airport, which is a medium-sized airport. At the airport cafes and restaurants, where you can taste the most delicious alternatives from Poland and world cuisine, and duty free shops are located.

In private passenger lounges you can enjoy special treats, read your newspaper or magazine, connect to the internet or relax in comfortable seats and sip your drink while waiting for your plane. The conference halls located at the airport provide a great comfort and convenience especially for business visitors. You can contact the airport before your travel if you wish to take advantage of these facilities offered to passengers at different capacities.


Buses, which are the first alternative from Poznan Airport to the city center, are also very economical at the same time. You can travel to different parts of the city by buses, which are departing from the bus stops that are a few steps away from the airport terminal building.

You can travel between Port Lotniczy - Dworzec Glowny with the line from the airport to the city center. In addition to this express service line, buses 59 and 48, which depart from the airport, can easily take you to the city in a short time.

Bus 59 departs right in front of terminal T3, while bus 48 departs from Wyszeborska Street, 200 meters from the terminal.

You can buy bus tickets from the newspaper kiosk on both the arriving and departing passenger terminals. Tickets can also be picked up from the stops in front of the airport's passenger terminal and from automatic ticket machines. And if you use it, you can also pay with different mobile payment systems and easily get your bus ticket.

There are thirteen stops from the airport to the city center and the journey takes about 30 minutes. Although the buses are among the most economical and convenient means of transportation, buses are not as comfortable as taxi, car rental and hotel shuttles. Especially if you are traveling with children and heavy equipment, you can consider different options besides the bus.


Another alternative you can use for transportation between the airport and city center in the city is the taxi. It takes about 20 minutes by taxi from Poznan Airport to the city center. And the price you pay for this distance is not too high. If you come to the city with heavy equipment or if you arrive late in the night, taxis would be the best option for you.

Get in one of the taxi cabs waiting for passengers in front of the T3 terminal of the airport and enjoy the fast and easy way to get to where you are going. Drivers of airport taxis usually speak English. However, you still have to write your address on a piece of paper before the ride; it will make your job much easier.

It would be much more advantageous for you to make the payment with the zloty which is the currency of Poland. If you do not have zloty, you can exchange money from the exchange office at the airport after your plane has landed, then you can take a taxi to get to the city center.

Car Rental

Renting a car in the city is also a fast and highly advantageous alternative. Moreover, compared with many European cities, car rental rates are very low in Poznan. You can start exploring the city with your own vehicle by choosing the model you want from companies such as Hertz, AVIS, Europcar, Sixt, Budget and Awos24 located on the airport terminal.

To reach the city center you can follow the signposts of Poznan city center by taking the A2 road. Driving here is very pleasant and extremely comfortable due to the regular routes of the city and the quiet traffic.

If you have booked your car via internet before coming to the city, you can take your car without waiting any queue. One of the most important requirements of renting a car in the city is to have the driver's certificate as it is in many other cities.

Private Vehicle

You can also travel between the airport and the city center of Poznan with private cars in the city. If you have a car you can come to the airport for short trips and leave your car in the car park there. Parking fees in general are not too high. This charge can reach much higher amounts if you are leaving your car for 48 hours or more.

You can follow the directions of the city center after you have moved from the front of the terminal to reach the city center. If you do not know the roads well in the city, you can minimize the risk of getting lost by obtaining a navigation device or a map.

Hotel Shuttle

Almost all 5-star hotels in the city have airport transfer service. To take advantage of this service, you should contact your hotel and make a reservation in advance. Using the hotel shuttles between the airport and Poznan city center will save you time and provide you with an extremely comfortable vehicle to reach the hotel after a tiring journey.

However, charges for these services may sometimes be much higher than anticipated. For this reason, before you make reservations for hotel shuttles in the city, you should also get detailed information about prices. So you can compare different service companies that serve this area and make the best reservation for you.


There are also companies offering limousine service for those who care about comfort. You can choose a limousine or one of the other luxury vehicles and ensure that it will be waiting for you at the airport when your plane lands. These vehicles, which are usually provided by drivers, are also a great alternative for travelers traveling with more goods and for those visiting for business purposes. Although the prices for luxury cars are much higher than taxis, shuttles and buses, you can consider paying the difference for a privileged and comfortable service.

Last Updated: 26 Jun 2017
Getting to Poznan Lawica Henryk Wieniawski Airport from the City Center

Poznan, founded on the banks of the Warta River, is also one of the liveliest cities in Poland. It is also very easy to reach the airport from the center of the city, which attracts visitors with its narrow streets, charming houses and fun festivals held every year. In Poznan, the airport is only 7 kilometers away from the city center, and as a result, it provides transportation for the passengers who want to come to the airport from the city center in a short time.

To get to the airport from the city center, you can visit the buses that are the most economical vehicles in Poznan, you can choose a taxi or rent a car. If you have airport services provided by your hotel, it will make your business very easy to reach the airport from the city center.

Among the privileges waiting for passengers at the airport, from where you can fly to Poland and many European cities, are private passenger lounges, free internet connection, restaurants, cafes, shops and duty free. You can pay for city taxis and other transportation vehicles in zloty. If you do not have enough zloty you can exchange foreign currency at exchange offices and ATMs.


Buses are the most preferred means of transportation in Poznan. You can reach the airport from the city center thanks to the convenient and extremely fast buses.

You can get one of the passenger cards used in the city to board the bus. It is possible to get these cards from some of the city's buffets, as well as from the machines located near bus stops. The journey to the airport by buses takes about 30 minutes on average. You can take on of the buses departing from the city center frequently during a significant part of the day, and you can evaluate other alternatives such as taxis and airport shuttles when buses are not operating.


You can also get to the airport by a taxi which you can easily find in the city center. In Poznan, the journey takes about 20-25 minutes by taxi between the city center and the airport. This can be a little shorter when the traffic is not heavy.

Taxis usually have a taximeter. Because of this you can be extremely relaxed about the cost of a taxi in the city. Nevertheless, before you start your journey, you should talk to the driver and find out about the average cost from your point of departure to the airport.

Private Vehicle

In Poznan, those traveling with a special vehicle should expect extremely regular and fast-flowing traffic. When you take the highway from the city center, you can reach airport shortly after following Poznan-Lawica way. For those arriving by car, Poznan Airport also has parking areas for both short and long-term use. Parking fees are very affordable for the first few hours, but may cost higher for longer periods.

Car Rental

By renting a car from the center of the city you can also travel to the airport, which connects Poznan to the world. There are many famous car rental companies in the city such as AVIS, Hertz and Europcar.

There is also a chance to deliver the car you rented to the rental office in the airport by giving information in advance. If you have rented your vehicle from the airport, you can go on your journey by delivering the car to the rental offices at the airport.

Hotel Shuttle

Although there are not many hotels in Poznan, there are hotel shuttles that serve between the airport and the city center. You can get information about the shuttles beforehand by phone and make reservation for the airport shuttle if your hotel offers the service. Hotel shuttles will pick you up from your hotel door and take you to the airport. You can reach the airport much more easily and quickly this way, without having to transfer.


You can rent luxury cars and limousines even if they are not much preferred in the city. With the luxury car rental service usually provided by car rental companies, you can make your journey more comfortable. If you are thinking of renting a car but do not want to use the car yourself, the luxury car rental service that also serves with a driver can be extremely life-saving for you.

Airport Information

Poznan Airport, which connects Poland’s historic city of Poznan and its immediate surroundings with the rest of the world, is only 7 kilometers away from the city center. The airport offers an extremely enjoyable flight experience to its passengers thanks to its convenient facilities for transportation to and from the city center as well as the privileged services within the airport. At Poznan Airport you have many options, especially with regards to shopping, entertainment, eating and drinking and recreation.

Even though it is not a very big airport passengers can find almost anything they need. You can connect to the internet in the private passenger lounges at the airport and try the tasty alternatives of Polish and international cuisine. English speaking specialist assistants serving at passenger lounges are here to meet your needs. You can read newspapers or magazines if you like or have a drink in the very comfortable armchairs located in the halls.

The conference halls located at the airport are lifesaving areas especially for city business travelers. You can make your reservations and negotiations by booking in advance for these halls.

You can exchange your money with the currency of the country or the currency such as dollars in the exchange office located in the airport, carry out many banking transactions and transfer money in ATM devices. It is possible to try the tastiest alternatives of both Polish and international cuisines in the restaurants and cafes of the airport.

Shops where you can buy souvenirs before and after your trip and duty-free areas are also among the services offered to passengers at Poznan Airport. You can rent a car with the colors and specifications you want from the car rental offices located at the airport or you can park your car in the car park.

Last Updated: 26 Jun 2017

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