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About Postojna

Postojna, which is located in the region of Inner Carniola in Slovenia, is a town founded in the southwest of the country and known for its famous cave. Postojna, which is located 35 kilometers away from Trieste, is accepted as the center of the region in the economic, cultural and educational fields.

Approximately 10 thousand people live in the town whose population is generally of Slovenian origin. The name of the town was firstly seen in the written documents in the midst of the 1200s, but it is estimated that the settlements in the town had started long before this period. Today, it is possible to mention the existence of a highly developed social and cultural life in the town which is mostly famous for its Karst cave.

Postojna was under the domination of Italy for a while following the World War I and there are not many remains from this period. When you come to the town, you can visit the cave after spending time in the old center. This cave, which is one of the largest caves of Slovenia as well as Europe, attracts thousands of visitors from the surrounding countries to Postojna. Postojna Cave, whose total length exceeds 24 kilometers, is one of the two longest caves of Slovenia. In addition, the old church devoted to Saint Stephen is among the structures to visit in the town. After visiting these places, you can continue your trip with the Predjama Castle offering very interesting views with its architecture carved in to the rocks. You can also take great pictures here.

Postojna has a climate that is not too cold or too hot throughout the year. In the winter months, the weather can sometimes be cold for visitors, but freezing temperatures are not usually observed in the town. The temperature varies between 2-24 degrees in the town. The town is quite lucky about the visitors coming in the summer months. However, this may cause an increase in hotel prices and difficulty in finding an available room at hotels. If you do not want to have any problem about accommodation and want to find a budget-friendly place, you can prefer visiting Postojna in the autumn or spring months.

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