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About Positano

Positano is a charming and small coastal town famous for its perfect location on Amalfi Coast as well as its colorful buildings and gourmet restaurants. You can go for a walk on the winding roads of Positano which is one of the calmest and peaceful towns of Italy. In addition, you will be accompanied by a wonderful sea view during your walk. You can also discover a different café or restaurant every day and buy souvenirs by visiting its market. You can find an accommodation center suitable for your budget in the town where there are charming boutique hotels like Hotel Mericanto. In this way, you can have a comfortable accommodation during your holiday. Furthermore, Positano is an ideal destination for families with children and friend groups as well as couples looking for a romantic escape. If you are staying in another town of Italy, you can come to Positano for a day-trip. If you want to spend a few days in this beautiful town, you can make an online search about the hotel that you want to stay at.

Positano is perfect place for walking. You can sunbathe and go swimming on Amalfi coasts in Positano which has a sunny weather suitable for nature walks at any hour of the day. If you are interested in art, we advise you to see the small art galleries and studios in Positano. At the heart of the town, there are hundreds of small and charming boutiques, ceramic shops and souvenir shops. While walking on lemon-smelling streets of Positano, you will come across lemons in every shop you will step in. Most of the souvenirs are lemon products like lemon-scented perfumes, lemon soup, lemon candy, lemon-printed t-shirts, white linen dresses, pants and jackets. After doing shopping, you can visit Santa Maria Church or “Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta” with its original name. This church is very close to the center. After visiting Santa Maria which is a spectacular catholic church, you can discover the elegant restaurants of Positano. You shouldn’t leave Positano without having a romantic dinner at La Tagliata which offers fantastic mountain views. For lunch, you can prefer Chez Black or L'Incanto. You can reach Naples International Airport, which is the closest airport to the town of Positano, from many cities of Europe. After arriving at Naples International Airport, you can travel to the town of Positano by bus or taxi.

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