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The 'Island of Beauty and Contrast', Porto-Vecchio, is a popular town on the southeast coast of Corsica. It welcomes thousands of tourists every year with its charming atmosphere of stunning beaches of the Mediterranean and cooling pine forests shadows that surround the town completely. Also known as St – Tropez, it offers panoramic views of the high mountains, a turquoise sea, and golden sands and is located on the saltmarshes. The reason for the late development of the town was its fight against malaria up until the 20th century, as the swamp lands were perfect mosquitoes breeding grounds. Today Porto-Vecchio is one of the first ports of call when a vacation in France comes to mind because of its vibrant nightlife and natural beauty. It’s a location that also draws some paparazzi famous celebrities.

Although the Porto-Vecchio marina is quite small, it is nonetheless the most social place in town. If you want to explore the town, you can enjoy the modern air of the marina, or you can trace history in the old town. It’s possible to enjoy unique sea views from the old town, which is on a hill, while admiring the oldest houses of the town that are surrounded by narrow streets and the main square. St. John the Baptist church, surrounded by large trees and made of granite, and the castle, which today is used as a gallery, both remain from the Genoese from the 16th century. The 10 meter high tropic tree planted in 1901 called 'Bel Ombra' is also considered as a historic monument, and you can see this in Place de la Republique square. If you’re visiting in September you can take part in the yearly salt harvest.

The closest airport to Porto-Vecchio is Figari Airport. The distance between the airport and town is roughly 25 kilometers and you can use a bus or taxi for transport.

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