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About Pomorie

Pomorie is a coastal town on the narrow and rocky peninsula of Burgas Bay, in the southeast of Bulgaria. The old town, which is towards the eastern side of the peninsula, is one of most attractive points for both locals and tourists.

Sea salt is produced, and healing mud is extracted from Lake Pomorie, which is a salty coastal lagoon. It’s also an important shelter for quite a few endangered bird species, as well as important migratory stop for many others.

The old houses of Pomorie have survived a large fire, and a serious earthquake 100 years ago, and you can take in some architectural and historical views by renting a bicycle and taking a tour around them. You must visit the well-preserved Thracian Necropolis, which was built in 3rd century AD, and is a large grave-tomb complex. Pomorie Museum has an extensive collection of Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Bulgarian artifacts such as coins from the ancient world, pottery, metal workmanship, and wall paintings.

Turkish and Greek influences on the local cuisine of Pomorie's can definitely be felt. It’s possible to try some Pomorien interpretations of classical mousses, casseroles and legume dishes, as well as find some European cuisine. The best time to visit Pomorie is between between May and September.

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