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Polis is a lovely town and a part of a valley stretching to the deep blue Mediterranean from the lush Paphos Mountains. It is located on the northwest coast of Cyprus Island. It takes its name which means ‘The City of the Golden Land’ from the fertile soil that surrounds the Chrysochou River. You can enjoy the sun and sea on the blue flagged virgin beaches, where the turtles leave their eggs, in this town without big hotels which is attracting travellers. You can also go on boat tours and water sports in the nearby port of Latchi. It is also a paradise for hiking and mountain biking activities, as it is on the edge of the Akamas Peninsula nature reserve, which is covered with pine trees.

Founded by the Mycenaeans between 1400 and 1100 B.C., Polis is known as the area where Alexander the Great waged war against his successors. There are many historical monuments in the region that would show you the traces of the past. You will see the frescoes of the Venetian period in the church of Agios Andronikos from the 16th century located in the immediate vicinity of the square and you will admire the architecture of the church of Agia Kyriaki from the 18th century. The Archaeological Museum exhibiting the remains of the Neolithic and Chalcolithic Age and the 600-year-old olive grove at the entrance of the museum are other places worth seeing. You can also visit traditional village houses in the Trodos Mountains along the Polis route. The village of Kakopetria famous with its beautiful old buildings and the village of Stroumbi, where the annual Dionysia Wine Festival is organized, are these special points in the Troodos Mountains.

The village square of Polis exhibits a very intimate atmosphere with the old village life, wonderful nature scenery, traditional Greek food, Aphrodite baths, cobbled streets. While the entertainment life is limited here, you can taste the Commandaria wine, made of from the grapes peculiar to here, in the restaurants.

The town, which turns into a very quiet place in the winter months, is crowded with nature lovers from mid-October to April and the sea lovers from June to September. If you plan to arrive to the town by air, the nearest airport you can use is Paphos International Airport, which is 55 kilometers away. To get to Polis you can take a taxi or a bus or evaluate the car rental alternatives.

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