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About Polatli

Polatlı, which is the largest district of Ankara in terms of its surface area, is also the closest district to the city which is 76 kilometers away. The district is located on the highway Eskişehir – Ankara and in the west of Ankara. The name of the district was given by Yakup Ağa, a landlord living in the region and having a horse farm. First, the name was “Bol Atlı” (meaning plenty of horses). In the course of time, it began to be announced as Polatlı. Polatlı is a district of agriculture and most of the sunflower seeds of Turkey is produced here. Products such as onion, sugar beet, barley, wheat and melon are also produced in the region. In Polatlı whose history dates back to 3000 BC, the first settlement is believed to have begun in Yassıhöyük village in the ancient city of Gordion. There are many places to be visited in the district which was home to many civilizations from the Hittites to Ottomans. Kayabaşı Mosaic remaining from the 3rd Century AD, Gordion Museum opened in Yassıhöyük village in 1963 and King Midas Tumulus are only some of the historical places in the district. Beştepe, Duatepe and Kartaltepe, some of the places where the Battle of Sakarya, one of the important battles in the War of Independence, took place, are other important places to be visited. The Turkish Army Artillery School is the most symbolic school of Polatlı.

The distance between Polatlı and Ankara Esenboğa Airport is approximately 115 kilometers. You can benefit from the transfer service provided by certain companies for Airport – Polatlı transportation. You can also reach the airport by taxi or benefit from the public transportation.

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