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About Piran

Piran, the most beautiful city of the Slovenian coast, is one of the best preserved historic sites of the Adriatic. The city is located on the Istra Peninsula, surrounded by Adriatic, is like an exhibition of the Gothic architecture of Venice, which dominated the city during the 13th and 18th centuries. It is thus preserved as a cultural and historical monument surrounded by the remains of medieval walls. Since the city is very close to the border of Italy, the people here speak both Slovenian and Italian. It is even possible to see Italy’s Trieste Bay from the high points of the city.

Piran is a city where you will be urged to take pictures all around, and it hosts many beauties to be discovered with its historical buildings, narrow streets, and red tiled cute houses. It represents the Mediterranean warmth of both Croatian and Italian cities with its open-air markets, seafood restaurants and lively atmosphere providing splendid flavors.

Salt has an important place in Piran’s past and present. The city, hosting a ‘Salt Festival’ every April, is known as the best salt producer in Europe. The Tartini Room Music Festival is held every summer at the Tartini Square dedicated to the world famous violin virtuoso Giuseppe Tartini, born in Piran. Thanks to the hiking trails that offer plenty of scenery, and the cycling and horseback riding trails you will not need a vehicle in Piran. The roads of the city connect to Portoroz among nearby tourist areas and other coastal cities. The ‘Old City’ of Piran consists of Tartini Square with marble floor, May 1st Square, Venetian House and Municipal Building from the 15th century. The city view, which looks like a bustling postcard, can be best seen from the city walls. Other places to visit in the city include St. George’s Cathedral, dedicated to the guardian of Piran, and the Maritime and Underwater Museum. The best time to discover Piran, the most photogenic city in the region, is between May and September.

If you would like to reach Slovenia's beautiful city Piran by air, the closest airport you can use is Italy’s Trieste - Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport, which is 82 kilometers away. The distance to Pula Airport in Croatia, on the other hand, is 93 kilometers. You can reach the city from both airports by taking a bus, shuttle, or a taxi or renting a car.

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