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The city of Phuket is the center of Phuket Island in Thailand. The city is located in the southeast of Phuket Island and 862 km south of Bangkok, the capital city. Phuket is the largest city of the island with the population of 63.000 and the economic center of the region. Attracting entrepreneurs from Arabian Peninsula, China, India and Portugal, Phuket is described as the colorful mixture of the cultural variety.

Today, the role of cultures that have affected Phuket on its lively tourism is great.  While walking through Phuket’s streets, you will come across Chinese-Portuguese architecture, art galleries, splendid coffee shops and restaurants quite often. Old Town, one of the most attractive parts of the city, is a place where you can witness the real history of Phuket. The old city square was founded through the wealth gathered 100 years ago, when metal was very precious, and conquered by Tin Barons in the following years.  In this part of the city, you can see mansions that remained from the Sino-Portuguese colonial period.

The number of Buddhist and Chinese shrines is quite high in the Old City Region. Jui Tui, one of the most important Chinese shrines, can also be found here. Some of the touristic places where a lot of museums and shrines are observed in the Old City Region are Ranong, Krabi and Thalang Road.

Furthermore, the largest weekend night bazaars and public bazaars of Phuket are set up in Old Town. ‘’Phuket Walking Street’’, among the spots where you can best witness the local life of the city, is one of the most popular bazaars. Ranong Road is also number-one main bus station of the city. You can reach the city center by airport buses from Phuket International Airport most easily.

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