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About Pasig

Pasig, the biggest city forming Metro Manila in the Philippines, is located in the east of the country. Pasig shares borders with Quezon and Mandaluyong and to its south there is Cainta in the Rizal region. In the north there is one of the most developed cities of the Philippines, Markina. The standard of living in quite high in Pasig, which houses the fastest growing financial and business district Ortigas centre, so it’s a preferred living location by the locals.

Pasig Cathedral is one of the most enchanting stone structures in Pasig with history dating back to the 1700s. It’s located in the city centre. Pasig City Museum located at the heart of the city is just a few minutes walking distance away from the centre. Lopez Memorial Museum, which is really close to the Philippine Stock Exchange, houses numerous Philippine sculptors’ works. It’s also quite impossible not to be impressed with the architectural properties of Bahay na Tisa, also known as ‘Stone House’.

Metrowalk Hotel, located in Barangay Ugong, is the most preferred by tourists. The main reason for this is the luxury shopping malls and entertainment venues that are located nearby. Tiendesitas, located in busiest part of Pasig, Barangay Ugong, is the first place that comes to mind when you think about shopping. You can have an authentic experience here where you will see typical Philippine houses. Not only shopping, but also the tastiest Philippine street food is also available here. 

There are countless restaurants, cafes, and diners in Pasig where you can taste authentic food from the Philippine kitchen. You can experience some extraordinary tastes at affordable prices at the diner called ‘Ado's Panciteria’. This little business that was established 50 years ago is located right in the city centre. Café Juanita, in Kapitolyo, is decorated with antique furniture, and is a stylish café that offers delicious Pan-Asian cuisine. Last but not least, you can have breakfast with the lovely oven-baked warm bread from Dimas-alang bakery, which has been in service since 1919. The most popular speciality from this bakery is “di ko akalain”.

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