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One of the smallest towns of Greece, Parikia is locates on Paros Island. Loved by tourists for its labyrinth like narrow streets, it is both an economic location and one that is also preferred by the local tourists. Alongside many archaeological sites, Parikia also has taverns, bars, top and mid range accommodation, beaches, stylish restaurants and cafes. There are many hotels and hostels around Parikia’s most famous beach Lividia. Known also as Paros or Hora, Parikia is accepted as the capital of Paros Island. It has approximately 3000 inhabitants and along with being the cultural and economic centre of Paros, it is also the main port of the island. Constructed as an amphitheatre around the Port of Parikia in antiquity, you can see concrete and flat wooden panel houses, windows and balconies, and typical Cycladian architecture in Parikia today. A large and mystifyingly beautiful white windmill meets visitors as they enter from the port, and this windmill is the symbol for Paros. Buses and taxis are frequently used for transport in Parikia, even though you can reach anywhere on foot if you wish. The famous Kastro Castle, constructed on the highest part of the city in the 13th century, is the perfect place to enjoy panoramic views and only a few minutes away from the port. There are also the remains of an old temple in the same area. Panagia Septemvriani, Agia Eleni Churh, and the beautiful Byzantian church, Panagia Ekatontapiliani, is also in the Kastro area. The Paros Archaeology museum located behind Panagia Ekatontapiliani has exhibitions from the Neolithic and Roman periods.

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