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About Paralimni

Paralimni is located just a few kilometres away from the sea, on the southeast coast of Cyprus. After Famagusta had became a part of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Paralimni became the centre of the southern Greek region. You can come across various festivals or simply enjoy the sea, nature and history in Paralimni, which attracts a great deal of attention of the tourists.

Traditional House was built in Paralimni in the 19th century and is located in the heart of the Old Town. You can take a look at this house and see various household goods such as furniture, plates, handmills, sewing machines etc.

Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox Church was built in the 14th century. It is said that the visitors write their secret wishes in papers and hang them on the trees in the garden of this church. You shoud definitely give this ritual a try if you come all the way to Paralimni. Another special place you can visit in this region is Agioi Saranta Chapel. This is a chapel hidden in a cave located 5 kilometres away to Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox Church.

Paralimni has dozens of beaches, surrounded with plenty of restaurants and cafes. The most popular beaches and the ones with blue-flag are Louma, Kapparriss, Pernera, and Malama Beaches. If you are here for the sea vacation, daily boat-tours might be a fantastic choice for you.

You must try appetizers (mezes), fresh sea products and the delicious halloumi cheese in Paralimni. Generally, you can come across Italian and Mediterrenean cuisine in this city where the prices in the menus are quite reasonable.  

Paralimni has typical Mediterrenean climate. Therefore, the ideal period to pay a visit here might be between March and May. As from May, the temperature begins to increase beyond 25 °C.

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