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One of the most beautiful cities of southern Italy, Ostuni is located in the Brindisi province in the Puglia region, which corresponds to the heel of the boot that Italy is known to be shaped like on the map. The city is known as La Citta Bianca or 'the white city' for its white painted houses. It overlooks the Adriatic Sea from a height of 229 meters above sea level, and has cobblestone streets, grape vines and olive trees, and the characteristic friendliness of the Mediterranean. ‘Ostuni' means 'State' in Greek. The white houses that make up the city and that are so reminiscent of Greece and Bodrum are not only an aesthetic choice but were a consequence of lime washing, which was introduced as a precaution to the 17th century plague epidemic.

There is evidence of settlements in the location of the city that date back to 600 BC. The San Francesco Church, located in Freedom Square, which is the main square, is one of the most beautiful examples of the Baroque architecture works in the city. Another famous work on the square is the statue of Sant'Oronzo that stands at a height of 20 meters. The locals use this statue as a meeting place. From the Via Cattedrale onwards, across from the square, is the Old Town part of the city, the heart of the city that dates back as early as the 1400s. If you want to go an a historical adventure, then the Museo Civico di Ostuni is one of the best archaeological museums in the country to learn about the past. Ostuni's most famous cathedral is also in old town, and is enchanting with its rich stone carvings and workmanship. If you get tired while exploring the historic squares and immersing yourself in art and culture, then the city also has plenty of green spaces where you can take a moment to rest in the lovely Mediterranean weather.

The nearest airport to Ostuni is the Brindisi - Salento Airport, which is 37 kilometers away. You can take a taxi or rent a car from the airport to get to the city.

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