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Oroklini is located on a high hill in Cyprus overlooking Larnaca Bay. The name of the city, which means ’plenty’ inspired by the river water flowing from the slope of the mountain, is only 8 kilometers from the city center of Larnaca. The region, in which the city is located, is also known as the Voroklini in Cyprus. The hill, where the city is located, is the best starting point for exploring the rest of Cyprus, and it offers a magnificent landscape that is enough to bring the whole route in front of you.

Oroklini, where you can see blue and green colors thanks to its location in mountainous terrain, is also very suitable for outdoor activities. You can enjoy the warm sun of the Mediterranean climate, the sea and the sand in the region's only eco-coast of Yannathes Beach. This beach is awarded with a Blue Flag and extends for 2 kilometers. You can experience all kinds of water sports on the beach where you will encounter an impressive underwater world in scuba diving and snorkeling. The second largest wetland area in the region is the lake of Voroklini, where you can witness the biodiversity of nature, and you can closely observe the endangered birds.

It is known that the history of Oroklini began in the 15th century. In the 18th century, the foundations of today's structure were laid. It is also rumored that the famous French poet Arthur Rimbaud worked for 6 pounds a day in 1878 in the region where the mines were abundant. Even if the city, which is proud to welcome such historical figures, is small, you can see the works that keep history alive. Especially the buildings from 1882, churches and the chapel of Profitis Ilias, which is one of the best examples of stone work hidden behind a hill, are worth seeing and taking lots of photographs. Profitis Ilias means ‘Prophet Ilias’ and the steps carved into a rock on the way from the northeast of the chapel to the Oroklini are considered as the footsteps of the prophet. The structure is quite sacred in Oroklini.

Oroklini's night life is also very active. There are many bars and restaurants on the coastline. Night entertainments are also organized, which will stick in your mind with plenty sea food and lithe dances such as Sirtaki. If you want to come to Oroklini by air, which is a holiday paradise in itself, you are landing at Larnaca Airport. Since the distance between the city center and the airport is quite close, you can easily get to the center of Oroklini by taxi.

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