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About Oberstdorf

Oberstdorf is a town located in the south of Germany and having borders with Austria. Although the city is accepted as a skiing town, it has a geography suitable for many nature sports including nature walk and mountain climbing.

Oberstdorf offers a magnificent nature view with the mountains surrounding it. Around the town, there are numerous lakes and ponds in addition to the mountains. The use of bicycles is quite widespread, and it is popular as an extremely enjoyable activity on this natural environment. The paragliding is also a popular sports activity in the city.

The old church in the center is the symbol of Oberstdorf and the long bell tower seen from almost every corner of the town services as a guide for navigating around the town. St. Sebastian Chapel is home to a rich art collection. With a history of about 500 years, St. James Chapel is also worth seeing.

Oberstdorf is a town receiving rainfall in all seasons of the year especially during the summer months. It has a cool climate. The temperature can increase to 20 degrees in the summer months but it is measured around 15 degrees in general. The winter months are cold and snowy. During the winter months, the town is very suitable for skiing.

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