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About Nykoebing

Nykøbing is a city in Region Zealand in the south of Denmark. Summer settlements start where the urban life comes to an end in this Scandinavian city, where white sandy beaches in Kattegat Strait forming the connection between the Baltic Sea and the North Sea are only 2 kilometers far from the city center. Today, it is the center of the holiday villages lying from Rørvig in the east to Klint Mountain in the west. Although the population of the city is 6000, Nykøbing offers a lot to make the visitors happy.

Nykøbing is also famous for its lively cultural and entertainment life beside the main elements such as private shop chains, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants. Being a suitable place for families, the city offers different activities for its visitors from all the age groups with its magnificent nature.  In addition, all the attractions to visit in the city including the walking tracks are in walking distance to each other. Revue comes first among the things to see in Nykøbing. Revue, which is among the most famous dance shows of the city and has become the symbol of Nykøbing by celebrating its 100th year, is exhibited on Nykøbing F. Theater.

You shouldn’t leave Nykøbing, hosting many festivals, without attending at least one festival. In the city, the festival season starts in the last week of July every year and continues at full speed until the first week of August. During the festival, shops and cultural centers are kept open till late hours. Nykøbing is in connection with the national railway system. You can reach the city by the trains regulated over Copenhagen and Rodby.

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