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Nitra is in the west of Slovakia, on the slopes of Zobor Mountain. It’s the fourth densest city in terms of population, and the most developed in agriculture and culture. Nitra is also the oldest city in Slovakia, its history begins with Slovak people's first migration to Slovakia in the 5th century. It was a principality under the rule of Prince Pribina around 870 and didn’t become an independent royal town until 1248. Nitra, formerly ruled by mighty kings and that resisted against the Ottoman Empire many times, is now the most modern cultural and economic center of western Slovakia. The upper parts of the city is where you will find the most historic remain. This is where the he most visited destination of medieval Nitra Castle, the ruins of the first church, built here in 831, the Saint Emeram Basilica, and many other historic buildings in the neoclassical style can be found.

The city is also rich in terms of art. Galleries in Nitra have both works of local and foreign artists. The abundance of well-preserved buildings and sculptures of the city give a pleasant nostalgic atmosphere to the city. The modern area of the city has a cultural soul with luxurious restaurants where you can taste different tastes from the world cuisines among colorful and crowded streets. The Nitra Theater Festival, Nitra Culture Writing, Fascine Carnival, and annual guitar recitals are just a few of the events that complete the artistic soul of the city.

The easiest way to explore the artistic and cultural texture of the city is by walking around. If you walk to the hills of Zabor you will pass through vineyards and can enjoy city views from above. You can also try the wine of Nitra, where winemaking has turned into an art form.

The biggest airport is in Bratislava. You can get to the city from here via airline services or taxis.

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