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Newcastle upon Tyne is not only the smallest but also an entertaining city of England. Shortly known as Newcastle, it has a great location in the northeast of England nearby the River Tyne. It is mostly known for its spectacular architecture, brick houses and advanced subway system. You can take the high-speed trains to arrive Newcastle from the most popular cities of England such as London, Manchester and Liverpool. The highly recommended places to visit are Northumberland Shore, Pennine Hills, River Tyne and Tyne Bridge on this river which named after the city. High Level Bridge, located right next to Tyne Bridge, attracts the attention due to its unique architectural features. Just like the one in London, there is also a drawbridge in Newcastle. Gateshead Millennium Bridge can be used both by the pedestrians and the drivers. Central Arcade area in Newcastle is the right place for shoppers in the city. This area also includes very interesting monuments. Central Arcade is the exact city center of Newcastle and in this area, St. Nicholas Cathedral and Grainger Town shed light on the history of England from past to present. You can also have the chance to experience Chinese culture in Chinatown located in a very crowded street called Stowell Street. Hundreds of thousands people visit the other historic buildings in the same street such as Hadrian’s Wall and Wampire Rabbit, even if the latter one looks a little bit scary at first sight. Due to the fact that Newcastle is located in the northeast of England, while the winter is pretty cold, the best time to visit this city is spring and summer. Moreover, The nightlife is very dynamic and colourful in Newcastle and the bars located nearby Big Market and Central Station are generally the first stops of the ones who want to have fun to the fullest till dawn.

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