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About Nerja

Nerja is a coastal town located in the district of Malaga in the autonomous community of Andalusia in southern Spain. The main source of living of the town is tourism. Nerja welcomes a great number of tourists throughout the year with its beaches and historical beauties. The town has a favorable atmosphere for a relaxing holiday. You can get to the center and other places on foot. The beautiful atmosphere of the town is completed by whitewashed houses and stone flower pots on the balconies of the houses.

The sandy beaches of Nerja are among the biggest factors for visiting the town. Among the beaches, Burriana beach is the most popular one. The other famous and crowded beaches are Carabeo and Del Salon. It is thought that the wall paintings in Nerja caves discovered in 1959 date back to 20,000 years ago. Only some parts of the caves are open to visit and one of them is used as a concert and conference hall with a capacity of 100-200 people. Nerja Caves are among the most beautiful places you can experience both history and art.

The most symbolic and touristic place of the town is the castle located on a rocky promontory and built to keep out British pirates and privateers. This rocky promontory is called “The Balcony of Europe”. The Balcony of Europe which offers a panoramic view of the city, is also a place of fiestas throughout the year. This place can be accepted as the heart of the city with its location in the center of many concerts and celebrations. There is not ay flight, boat or train service to Nerja. The closest transfer point to the town is Malaga Airport. It is possible to reach Nerja from here by renting a private vehicle.

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