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Being one of the oldest residential areas in Aegean Region, Nazilli is one of the districts of Aydın. It consists of 84 neighborhoods and it is located on Denizli – Aydın road, 45 kilometers away from Aydın. Its history goes back to Hittites and during the history, it hosted Frigs, Persians, Byzantines, Seljuqs and Ottomans. In the city, there are still lots of Ottoman works of art. The most attractive and popular ones are Ottoman baths. The most well-known bath is called as Dokuzun bath and it dates back to 18th century. A village of Nazilli, called as Arpaz, is known as the Village of Sultan’s Sons. In the village, a tower from seigniories and a mansion from 19th Century Ottoman period. Another touristic point of the district is Harpaşa Castle, also known as Karya. Rumor has it that Evliya Çelebi’s and many other historical names’ graves are located next to the castle. Theatre and necropolis areas of Mastaura Ancient City near Bozkurt Village of Nazilli are among the important historical places. The most attractive touristic activity in the city is camel wrestling.

Having Mediterranean climate, Nazilli has dry summer months and warm and rainy winter months. It is colder and windier than Mediterranean because of northern wind.  Almost half of the city is covered by forest and Mediterranean scrub. There are lots of tree varieties in forests. The distance between Nazilli and İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport is 139 kilometers. There are transportation options like taxi, bus, minibus and shuttle services of airlines or hotels.

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