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About Naoussa

Naoussa, which is the most charming corner of the Paros Island, is located in the eastern foothills of the Vermion Mountains. It is one of the most beautiful cities of Macedonia. The city is located 90 kilometers of Salonika and 510 kilometers of Athens.

The fertile soil of the city, which is surrounded by fruit gardens and vineyards, is also mentioned in the works of Herodotus. Naoussa, which is also famous for its international film festival held every year as well as its jam, is one of the cities preferred for its gourmet tours, culinary schools, spa treatments and yoga centers. There is a mystical atmosphere in the city where you will find a magnificent background for taking pictures with its paved streets consisting of two-storey white houses, cafes with blue chairs and bougainvillea hanging from the windows.

The tradition that hasn’t changed since the existence of Naoussa is fishing and the small port of the city is like a spiritual center. The small castle called “Kasteli” built by the Venetian and Saint Nicolas Church regarded as the guardian of fishers are among the historical places to visit in the city. On the port covered with eucalyptus trees, there are bars and restaurants. You can find all sorts of fish in the menus of these restaurants. Naoussa has many wonderful beaches and Pigadia ski resort is located 18 kilometers of the city.

You can see the most beautiful examples of the Hellenistic period, which is accepted as the beginning of the city’s history, in the Macedonian tombs which can be reached by walking. The outdoor school, which is defined as the “School of Aristotle” and “Ancient Harvard”, is also located in this area.

If you prefer flying to reach Naoussa, the closes airport to the city is Paros Airport located in Greece. The distance between the airport and city is 13 kilometers and you can use a taxi for your transportation.

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