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About Naestved

Naestved is a coastal town in Denmark, on the western island of Zealand. The economy of the town is mainly industrial and its home to a large port. Naestved is passionate when it comes to football and there’s a lot of interest for the sport here. The climate is temperate in the town and ranges from 1 to 18 degrees between the winter and summer. Naestved gets plenty of rain all year round, the least amount in February.

The Naestved Museum, in a building built entirely of redbrick, is definitely worth a visit. The Automobile Museum is also great and you especially don't want to miss it if you’re a car enthusiast. There’s an island called Gavno near Naestved, where you can find Gavno Castle and a spacious peaceful garden, which attracts many visitors. There are also various activities organized here throughout the year that you can join. Martin's Church forms the silhouette of Naestved, and is one the biggest churches here. It’s also made from redbrick. The most popular place to meet is in Axeltorv Square. There’s a local market here every Wednesday and Saturday that’s been happening for a hundreds of year. BonBon Land is just just 10 minutes from the town center and is a great amusement park for those who like excitement and adrenaline. A good range of cultural and artistic events are organized in Naestved all year round, so it’s a good idea to take a look at the events calendar before your trip. 

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