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About Nadur

Nadur, located on Malta Island, is a small village with a population of 5.000 people. The name of the city, derived from the Arabic word "Nadara", means "watch out" in Maltese. It is still a mystery when and by whom the first settlements were made in the region. On the other hand, human remains in Nadur go back to very old times.

Today, the economy of the area is more based on tourism and cultivation of fruits such as lemon orange, peach and apple. A significant part of the people of the region makes a living from fishing and maritime. The history of agriculture in the region dates back thousands of years. Today, however, some of the Nadur people are business people or teachers.

In the small center of the village are the old church, restaurants and little souvenir shops. You can start your tour at this point that could be considered as the miniature of Nadur, and then you can see other sights. The square is also an extraordinary place to take a little break and relax.

According to the common opinion of many visitors, the Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, which is among the most beautiful churches on the island, is one of the masterpieces you will see strolling around. All the details of the basilica, designed by Maltese architect Giuseppe Bonici, are breathtaking.

Another interesting feature of Nadur is that it is home to many foreign settlers. You can see the flags of foreign countries on the roof of almost every house around the village and its vicinity which are well-known in that context.

Nadur, attracting those who would like to have a quiet holiday thanks to its peaceful atmosphere, has a delicious cuisine deserving attention as much as its history. The fish from the salty waters of the Mediterranean Sea are seen as the king of the village's cuisine. Goat cheese, beer and wine are also some of the must-taste delicacies. Nadur, where people especially care about the taste of fruit wine and pure honey, has potential to be the favorite of its visitors.

Among the delicacies that have the taste of North African and Sicilian cuisines, the dessert prepared with almond offer a nice closing after the meal. If you want to have a quick snack while strolling around the island and then go on your journey, you can find great places serving sandwiches and burgers. Pasta is a real Italian classic that never goes out of fashion.

Rather than delicious dishes, if you need a cup of coffee that could be smelled even from distant places, it can't be said that you are in the wrong place. There are many cafés where you can enjoy espresso, hot chocolate or other types of coffee. If you hesitate to choose from, you can get a list of the best local places from your hotel or browse local websites.

The artistic activities are highly popular in and around the village, swarming with tourists especially in the summer. You can make your trip more lively, enjoyable and pleasant with the operas and theaters staged.

Moreover, climate conditions in the area allow visitors to travel comfortably without being dependent on the seasons. The weather, which could become so sultry that makes you feel suffocated when the summer comes, becomes cooler in spring and winter months thoroughly. You may want to take an umbrella with you in case of sudden rains especially if you visit the area in the spring.

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