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About Mullingar

Mullingar is one of Ireland's longest established towns. It founded by a Norman baron by the name of William Petit in 1186, and is now a developed center for commerce. The town takes its name after a famous windmill in its history. It has a peaceful atmosphere alongside its busy commercial life with stunning lakes and water canals. It’s also known for having arts events, such as music events and theater.

Golfing is really popular here and the traditional 'Mullingar Cup Championship' is organized every year in August. The town is close to the famous Belvedere Houses, and is one Ireland's most beautiful places for sports and nature with its architectural beauty and magnificently designed garden landscapes. If you want go hunting then you can join wild boar hunting tours in the region surrounding the lakes of Lough Derravaragh, Lough Owel, and Lough Ennell. It’s also possible to swim and do water sports around the lakes.

You encounter many 19th century buildings in the town. The most important historical structure of the town is the King Jesus Cathedral from 1939. The mosaics creations in the Renaissance-style cathedral are from the famous Russian artist Boris Anrep. It has been open as a museum since the Second World War. The cathedral has two towers that are 42.6 meters high. Other historical points of the city are the All Saints Church built in 1816, the Royal Canal, the Courthouse, and the Market house, where the town library is located.

The closest airport to Mullingar is Dublin Airport and the distance is approximately 89 kilometers. You can rent a car from Dublin Airport to get to Mullingar. 

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