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About Montagu

Established in the Western Cape region of South Africa, Montagu is a small settlement. Montagu, which is located about 180 kilometers away from Cape Town, has grown especially after the establishment of the railway connection to the region. 

Established in the mid-1800s, Montagu is better known for its healing spring waters and magnificent mountain views. The region is also one of the leading places of South Africa in terms of agriculture and especially viticulture.  High quality and delicious apples, peaches, pears and apricots are grown in the gardens around Montagu and sent to other regions of the country. Montagu is also known as the place where the famous British writer Francis Brett Young spent his last years. 

If you are interested in nature sports such as climbing, trekking and mountain biking, Montagu can be considered as a perfect place for you. You can join environmental trips organized in groups or you can individually discover the beauties in the nature. 

The population of Montagu is not very high. Approximately 15 thousand people live in the region and most of the residents are of South African origin. On the other hand, Indians and Europeans make up the minority of the population. 

Unfortunately, the region is not very rich in terms of the places to visit and accommodation alternatives. However, if you have only a few days to spend here, it is possible to have a pleasant time by walking on scenic routes or by cycling. Furthermore, you can reach Cape Town in a short time by renting a car and visit the historical and touristic places of the city. Transportation to Montagu is usually provided via Cape Town.

One of the most enjoyable ways to visit the region is to join tractor rides. You can have a great time with other tourists visiting the region during these rides and you can have an extremely entertaining day on the tractor. Another option in addition to a tractor ride is to visit olive oil production farms. It is very enjoyable to taste the local olive oil and visit the production facilities in the farms. 

The climate conditions of the region are similar to the Mediterranean climate. In this way, you can visit the city in any period of the year. Almost every season is convenient for coming to Montagu. However, remember that in the spring and summer months, the region is more convenient in terms of climate conditions.

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