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Mladá Boleslav is city located 50 km of Prague in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. The city is mostly known as the birthplace of Skoda, the European automobile brand. As well as its automobile manufacturing history dating back to 1895s, the history of the city ruled by many kings is also very interesting. Mladá Boleslav, which was founded as a royal castle by the King Boleslav II in the second half of the 10th century on the bank of the Jizera River, was an important Jewish center in the 17th century and a big industrial city in the 19th century. Today, it is one of the richest cities of the Czech Republic and an important tourist destination.

Mladá Boleslav is a beautiful city to discover with its historical structures, museums and unique nature. In addition to the ruins of the Gothic castle remaining from the date of its foundation, Putna Castle, a leaning tower resembling Pisa tower, and Skoda Auto Museum, the first factory of Skoda cars, are among the places to visit in the city. In Skoda Auto Museum, you can get information about the history of automobile manufacturing in Europe as well as details about Klement and Laurin, the founders of the company. You can also visit the old palace temple in the castle and fall under the spell of its century-old history. The tower of the town hall, which is an example of the renaissance architecture, is the best place to view the city panoramically. However, if you want to feel the soul of the city, we advise you to walk on the historical streets and listen to the mysterious legends about the treasure hunters and the deserted graveyards. While walking on the streets of the city, you will see the footprints of many famous people and come across with modern structures in addition to the medieval castles. Its admirable nature isn’t far away from the city center. The city, which has a strong history and lively atmosphere, is right in the middle of the two beautiful natural places Kokorinsko and Bohemian green areas. You can travel around these areas by walking or by bicycle. These areas are ideal for those who want to meet the romantic side of the city.

The closest airport to the city is located in Prague. This is the Vaclav Havel Airport located 74 kilometers of the city. You can easily travel to Mladá Boleslav from Prague. Since the city has a central location on train and bus routes, it is very easy to reach the city by train or bus. Travelling to the city by train lasts about 1,5 hours and 1 hour by bus.

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