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About Mielno

A coastal town of Koszalin located in West Pomeranian Voivodeship in Poland, Mielno manages to attract thousands of local and foreign tourists each summer thanks to its 13-kilometre-long coast. The crowd of people who would like to sunbathe on the soft sand beaches or just chill out in the crystal clear sea do not take the charm away from Mielno. The vacationers that prefer this beautiful coastal town have a great time in various bars and restaurants here.

The most enjoyable activity in Mielno is to wait for the sunrise along with the unique view of the sea. Besides, you can take a walk along the Baltic sea just before the sunset or ride a bike around the city. Moreover, you can try water sports, or indeed, find a different activity to do every single day in Mielno. Kitesurfing, windsurfing, and hand-line fishing are quite popular in this coastal town, where you can have the most unforgettable experiences of your life.

If you are searching for a different type of entertainment, you can drop by Rope Park Toucan for various activities in Chimielna. With various difficulty levels, this park is indeed one of the most ideal spots for having a great time with your family. Moreover, if you have not experienced such activities before, you can take courses from the special trainers here. Provided that you are interested in more interactive games, Escape Monster House in Zachodniopomorskie might be a better place for you. A one-hour adventure full of adrenaline is waiting for you in these game rooms with different themes.  

You should also add the lighthouse in Gaski to your to-see list in the town. Just keep in mind that you need to take 200 stairs to reach the top floor. If you wish, you can take some rest or go fishing at the beach on which this lighthouse stands. On condition that you would like to stay in Mielno, the specialty of this town is the boathouses. You can prefer staying at these houses for a couple of nights for having a different type of experience in Mielno.

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