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About Meguro

Meguro, which is located in the southwest of Tokyo, is one of the most popular Japanese cities with its calm atmosphere. Although it is almost in touch with Tokyo, it is a peaceful settlement with its mountainous, up and down hills unlike the very active life of Tokyo. The history of the city dates back to the 1600s but the process of urbanization gained momentum after the Great Kanto earthquake occured in 1923. The canal, organic restaurants, old shops and bookstores extending along the river make up the colors of Meguro. The most different color of the city, which is a resting place far from the crowd of Tokyo city life, is Meguro River. Visitors of the city are fascinated by the magnificent pink view of 800 cherry trees along the river.

The city is also home to shopping centers and neighborhoods like Naka-Meguro, Yutenji and Jiyugaoka. Naka-Meguro is one of the most attractive areas of the city with its popular boutiques and restaurants. The city is also home to the “Cherry Blossom Festival” that is held every spring along the river. Yutenji neighborhood takes its name from the Buddhist temple in the east while Jiyugaoka comes to the forefront with shopping centers.

In addition to its historical process, the traditional Japanese culture, which is still kept alive, catches attention in the city. Ryūsenji, which is also known as Meguro Fudō, is a work of art that is 400 years old. The name of the city derives from Ryūsenji's black-eyed statue of Meguro Fudō. This statue is one of the 5 statues that are under protection in Japan. Meguro Station is the starting point of the sightseeing route of the city. You can reach the Meguro Parasitological Museum, which is the only museum of the world devoted to parasites, in about 15 minutes by walking from the station. You can also reach Daienji Temple in about 5 minutes. This temple offers a fascinating experience of seeing 500 statues Buddha statue. Meguro Sky Garden, which is the most interesting examples of Japanese architecture and garden arranging, 200 year old Maeda traditional Japanese House and Folk Crafts Museum are among the places to visit in the city.

It is possible to easily visit every part of the city and nearby places thanks to the developed transportation network of Meguro. The closest airport to the city is Tokyo International Airport. You can travel to the city from the airport in a short time by getting on a taxi or using a means of public transportation.

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