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Located by Leça River and also a few kilometres away to Porto, the history of Matosinhos dates back to 1514, when it gained the status of city. The means of living in this city are fishery and salt production. Furthermore, Matosinhos has been the most important fishing port of Portugal for a long time.

Having the most beautiful beaches in the region of Porto, Matosinhos is also known for the ocean waves throughout the year, which are favourites of the surf-lovers. The city is one of the most popular surfing spots in Portugal, with full of surf schools and shops selling surfing equipment. As you can walk in the track along the coast, on which there are cafes and restaurants with seafood on their menu, you can also do activies such as beach games and water sports during the summer. The 2-km-long beach of the city can be reached from the city centre of Porto by subway within 15 minutes. This beach has, on the one side, a 400-year old Portugal Port and a modern one on the other, and also a large picnic area.

The ocean shores of the city are surrounded by the walls dating back to 17. century. The star-like Castle of Matosinhos, also known as the Fort of Leça de Palmeira, and Bom Jesus de Matosinhos Church, erected in 18. century with a baroque architecture, are also worth seeing in Matosinhos. Leixoes Porto Cruise Terminal hosts the Science and Technology Park of University Porto, and it is also one of the best spots that you can take the best photos in the city.

In case you arrive the city by plan, the nearest airport you can use is Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, 8 kilometres away to Matosinhos. The second closest airport is Vilar Da Luz Airport, which is 19 kilometres away to Matosinhos. You can take the subway, taxi, or rental car services to arrive the city from the airports.

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