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Due to the rapid development of the industry of shoe factories, Marikina is known as the Shoe Capital of the Philippines and is home to the world's largest footwear brands. In Marikina there is a museum with a shoe collection owned by Imelda Marcos and one will never get enough of shopping in Marikina. Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish located on V. Gomez Street is a gigantic church which has had comprehensive restoration in 2013. Marikina River Park which is next to the Marikina River is an ideal place to have a short break in your city tour. You should not end your city tour without visiting Our Lady of Pagoda, Chinese Temple, Marikitna, Senior Citizen Gazeebo, Roman Park, Sto.

Nino Skating Park and Marikina River Park, where there are eating and drinking areas. Marikinas top of the list places to visit is the Riverbanks Center, which is a large business center located adjacent to the Marikina River. There is a shopping center in the Riverbanks Center and also entertainment and activity areas. Within the business center you can visit the E-COM Center, Riverbanks Mall, Arcade Center, Marikina Convention Center, museums, River Park, Carnival and amphitheater. Marikina Shoe Museum is one of the places that the city is identified by and gives information about the development and historical values of the traditional Philippine shoe industry from past to present. In addition to the famous Imelda Marcos collection consisting of 1,500 shoes, the museum also houses in chronological order pairs of shoes from each former president of the Philippines. You will also find shoes from famous personalities and ambassadors, traditional shoes from a few countries, and gigantic unusual shoes of almost 91 cm length.

You can visit the Kapitan Moy House on J.P Rizal Avenue to learn interesting facts about the culture of Marikina and the Philippines. It features the Convention Center and Restaurants Kapitan Moy Building and is situated in Marikina Metro Manila. The house dates back 200 years and is the house of Don Laureano Guevarra who is considered the founder of the Marikina shoe industry. Marikina Market Maal on W. Paz Street located in Poblacion is a large shopping market which has 3 floors. Philippine Science Centrum (PSC) is one of the leading science museums of the country and recogised by the Department of Education, the Department of Science and Technology and the Department of Tourism. Marikina Sports Park is also known as Marikina Sports Center and you can participate in a variety of activities. Some of the citys most popular eating and drinking venues are Bonchalet II (River Park), Johnnyfs Fried Chicken, Greg and Sally, Pan de Americana, Industriya Marikina and the Bun of Brothers where you can taste the tastes of the Philippine cuisine.

If you want to buy something from Marikina for your loved ones you can visit SM City Marikina in Calumpang. Besides here you can visit Marquinton Mall, Circle Mall and Riverbanks Mall which are among the most popular shopping centers. The widely spoken language in the city is Tagalog where Marikino natives are called Marikenos. Marikina which has a population of approximately 500 thousand people, from June to December has frequent rainfall so it is more appropriate to make your trip to Marikina in April or May. Marikina was founded on April 16 1630 and has ruled many civilizations, especially the Jesuits. Marikina meets 80% of the shoe production in the Philippines, Rubber shoes, leather shoes, slippers and you are likely to come across more. Marikina holds many festivals throughout the year and the most popular being the Sapatero Festival, also known as the Sapatos Festival (shoe festival), the Rehiyon - Rehiyon Parade and Festival which is a wonderful dance festival where original costumes are exhibited and is held in the first week of December and the Ka-Angkan Festival (food festival) at the Riverbanks Center Amphitheater which is held on April 16th.

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