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About Maria alm

Maria Alm is located near the city of Salzburg in Austria and is a small settlement consisting of a small number of houses and hotels. Thanks to the magnificant mountains surrounding Maria Alm, the area has managed to attract nature lovers and Maria Alm is known for its charming most beautiful houses located in the center with their prominent look.

The small town is situated between the Meer and Steinernes mountains. Although settlements in this small town started earlier, it is possible to say that the town started to become popular in the beginning of the 14th century. Nowadays, Maria Alm is generally known for its winter tourism and is near to the ski slopes which have different types of slopes. When you come in the winter you can ski in the ski resort with your family, and watch the snow covered mountains and hills. During spring and summer you can be sure to see a completely different Maria Alm. As the weather gets warmer, the snowy landscapes are replaced by green hills. At that time in the region there are great activities that you can do including climbing, hiking and photography.

In Maria Alm you will generally find small hotels. If you are thinking of coming during the winter you have a better chance of finding a room by reserving your room a few weeks or even months in advance. During the summer and spring the region is quieter in terms of tourism so you can easily find places to stay.

Maria Alm whose climate changes significantly over the seasons, usually always has cool weather. For this reason regardless of the month of the year that you visit it is recommended that you take clothes that will protect you from the cold weather. If your Maria Alm trip coincides with winter, you should definitely pack clothes such as hats, gloves and scarves in your luggage beforehand.

In addition to skiing, there are many alternative activities such as mountain biking, climbing and golf. When you arrive with children during the summer you can swim in the pool or sunbathe by the pool looking at the landscape.

Apart from all these features, Maria Alm is a great place to try the delicious Austrian dishes. You can add flavor to your trip by trying schnitzel, delicious dishes made with potatoes and interesting beer varieties. While in the region the apple desserts and coffees from Austria, should definitely not be missed.

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