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About Manavgat

Manavgat is one of the most popular holiday centres in Antalya, and famous for its waterfalls and unique beaches that open to the Mediterranean. Located on the slopes of the Taurus Mountains, the beaches of Manavgat and the luxury hotels that serve the region are preferred by many tourists every year.

In Manavgat, which shows typical characteristics of Mediterranean climate, the summers are very hot. The weather is cooling in spring in Manavgat where the winters are neither cold nor hot. The plant cover in the town surrounded by pine forests is composed of trees like cedar, juniper and spruce.

The ancient cities of Selge and Side, which date back to pre-historic ages, are the ideal places for those who want to see historical sites. Agriculture and tourism in Manavgat, which is also famous for its fragrant citrus gardens, is an important source of livelihood. Agricultural products such as watermelon, sesame and olive are other agricultural products harvested in Manavgat.

Kargı Khan, which is one of the heritages of the Seljuks Titreyengöl and Kumgöl can be seen in the region that also houses the remains from the Ottoman and Seljuk periods. Travelers who are interested in exciting sports can challenge the waters of the river by rafting in Manavgat or go on safari by land vehicles.

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