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About Mamaia

Mamaia, which is one of the most popular and crowded holiday destinations of Romania, is a perfect place especially with its beach that extends for miles. The width of the beach reaches 300 meters in the town which was established between the Lake Siutghiol and the Black Sea coast. The resident population of Mamaia also maintaining their lives in the winter months here is very low. However, in the summer months, the population of the town considerably increases with vacationers coming from other regions. 

Climate conditions are quite variable in Mamaia. The humid subtropical climate in the region is effective almost throughout the year. In this way, mild winters, humid and hot summers are experienced in general. However, you should not forget that Mamaia and its surroundings can be rainy at all times, and you should keep your umbrella and raincoat with you during your travel in case of rain.

The tourism season in the region starts in mid-June and continues until September. In this period, the air temperature in Mamaia is measured around 26-30 degrees.  In addition, water temperature is at ideal values until the middle of autumn for Mamaia visitors who want to enjoy the sea. Almost all hotels in Mamaia are opened in the summer months. There are many options from small and cheap hostels to 5-star resorts.

If you prefer setting up a tent and enjoy camping instead of staying at a hotel, Mamaia is also a good place about this. By choosing one of the camping areas close to the sea, you can be closer to the nature and have a cheaper holiday cheaper compared to staying at a hotel. 

If you want to enjoy Mamaia and its surroundings to the full, you can surrender yourself to the wavy and cool waters of the Black Sea especially in the summer months. Activities such as parasailing and snorkeling are also very popular on the sandy beach which extends along miles.

If the weather is not hot enough for swimming, enjoying the wonderful nature of Mamaia is also among the alternatives. You can take a picture with the Mamaia sign that is similar to the Hollywood sign located in Los Angeles, USA or go to the Ovidiu Island on the Lake Siutghiol by taking a ferry.

To discover the center, you can take one of the buses going to many points in Mamaia or if you want to explore the region more freely, you can rent a car from one of the car rental companies or travel by cable car which is a much more entertaining alternative.

The city does not promise many alternatives in terms of foods and drinks. However, there is no doubt that you will find delicious alternatives in the cafes and restaurants around the beach during the summer months when the region is the most popular. Undoubtedly, beer is the most preferred drink with the effect of the weather getting warmer in the summer. In the nightclubs of the city, you can have the chance to taste different cocktails prepared with vodka. If you want to taste interesting dishes from international cuisines, especially Lebanese, Turkish, Chinese, Italian and French cuisines are highly popular among tourists in Mamaia and its surroundings.

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