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Makiivka is located on the Hruzka River in Donetsk, Eastern Ukraine and approximately 13 kilometers far from Donetsk. Founded by Cossack Makiy, the history of the city dates back to 1690s and it is known to have become the center of the Cossack Region in time.  In the city, which was industrialized and also significantly developed in terms of trade and culture upon the discovery of coal mines in the region in the 19th century, the first mining station was founded in 1907 and this station bears the title of the first mining station of the Russian Empire as well.

Heavily suffered from the Second World War and rebuilt after the war, the city is a place where there are still active coal mines, important railway junctions and the biggest integrated iron and steel plant of Ukraine, and its name is mentioned with industries.  You can also visit the museum related to industries and metallurgy in Makiivka, the base of the metallurgical centers.

Although it is mentioned as a business city with its mines and manufacturing facilities, Makiivka has its own specific atmosphere and a rich history. The joint of nearby settlements, this city has 147 historical artifacts found so far as it accommodates a very old ancient city. 75 burial mounds that remained from the Scythians, Polovetsians and Sarmatians as they used to be visited by immigrant tribes, stone items from the Paleolithic Period and many antique findings can be encountered in city museums.

Makiivka is a starting point for those who want to learn the deep history of Ukraine and feel the spirit of the Eastern Europe. The most surprising characteristic of the city streets is the high complexity of the address system. Even though the city is quite small, it has 157 streets with the same name and you can solve this complexity only by the support of the local taxi drivers. Donetsk Sergei Prokofiev International Airport is the closest airport at a distance of 29 kilometers, where you can land on to come to Makiivka by air, and you can take taxis and buses or rent a car to go to the city center.

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