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About M'hamid

M’hamid, located in Zagora district of Morocco, is a small desert settlement with a population of about 8.000 people. Due to the lack of written sources about the history of the region, there is not much information about M’hamid today. However, there is still a lot of evidence that life in the region began thousands of years ago.

Since the region is located very close to the Algerian border, it was necessary to get a special permit to enter here until the end of the 1980s. Today, there is no special permit requirement, but the number of tourists visiting this area is low because of the limited transportation options. Moreover, it is possible even today to come across the soldiers while strolling around.

The region's economy has long been based on the locals' cultivating their own lands. Most of the crops are for consumption, not for sale. However, agricultural production has decreased significantly due to the natural disasters experienced in recent years, which leads the locals to tourism more in terms of livelihood. Touring the tourists and showing them around with their own off-road vehicles are now one of the main occupations of the inhabitants of M’hamid. 

If you are going to travel this area, it is best to prefer a period when the winds are low as far as possible. In this way, you can easily travel without any sandstorms that greatly reduce the visibility. If you are on your first visit to M’hamid, remember that it is a good idea to hire a local guide that have knowledge about the city and its surroundings. Local tour guides, having information about the places that could be inconvenient to enter as well as the rules, can make your trip much more enjoyable and safe.

A safari trip on camels in the desert is one of the best activities to enjoy M'hamid. It may seem a bit difficult to climb over the sand dunes by riding a camel at the start, but you will get used to it after a short time.

The city does not offer many choices for the gourmets who dream of tasting delicious dishes. On the other hand, trying the local tastes flavored by the climate in the desert environment will be a very interesting and worthwhile experience. If you are overly selective, you can take snack sandwiches with you in advance or inform your guide to have necessary preparations done.

There is also a mosque in the center of M'Hamid, but it is not open to non-Muslims just as in the mosques in other parts of the country. It is quite popular to spend a night in the desert by renting a tent from local rental companies in the region.

In addition, you can shop from the open-air market set up weekly and buy fresh vegetables and fruit from nearby villages and towns. If you need to buy souvenirs, the local rugs of the region will be a suitable option for you.

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