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About Lozenets

Lozenets is a charming seaside resort located about 60 km south of Burgas and is famous for its two large campsites and beaches. The Strandzha Natural Park, Veleka River, Ropotamo River and many other natural beauties attract the attention of thousands of local and foreign tourists every year, which are in an excellent location between Lozenets, Kiten and Tsarevo. The village of Lozenets settlement began 90 years ago and was originally called Emberli. It was founded by around 20 Bulgarian refugee families originally from Eastern Thrace. Today, Lozenets has developed rapidly and formerly the main means of livelihoods was agriculture, livestock, woodcutting and fishery and now its a location of tourism and trade. We recommend that you plan a journey of at least 1-2 days to discover the whole village where activities like kite surfing, mountain bike, trekking etc are quite popular. You can tour the Strandzha Nature Park with a mountain bike, take a boat trip on the Ropotamo River or the Veleka River, explore the Longoz Forest and you can enjoy the sea, sand and sun trio on the beaches. One of the most visited places in the village is Sunny Beach and Golden Sands coastline and you can kite surf or join the yacht tours. Lozenets is a settlement on the Black Sea coast of Southern Bulgaria and is part of Tsarevo Municipality in the Burgas Province. Pomorie which is 40.5 km from the center of Lozenets is where you can take surf lessons at the sport clubs and in the same area you can joın in the summer cinema screenings. 5 km north of Tzarevo, Varna is Bulgari's largest port city and Lozenets is located approximately 180 km away from Varna and takes about 2-2.5-hours to travel there by road. In the southern part of Burgas there are numerous holiday destinations like Lozenets, such as Chernomorez, Primorsko, Kiten, Tsarevo and Ahtopol. We also recommend you to visit the city Museum in Sozopol to your list of places to visit when in Lozenets. The average summer temperatures for June and September are between 22-25 degrees and in July and August it is between 26-31 degrees. At 147 km long the Veleka River is the largest and the longest river in Strandzha. It rises from Demirkapu Peak in Turkey and crosses through the border with Bulgaria. The Veleka River is part of the Sredna Gora Tectonic Zone in Strandzha Park and was declared a protected area on 1 September 1992. The 500 meter long spit of the Veleka River Valley is also the only place in the nature park where the endangered yellow water lily flower (Nuphar lutea) can be seen. After visiting the valley where you will find more rare and protected plant species, you can visit the Natural Museum and the village of Brodilovo. The valleys of the Veleka and Mladezhka rivers are frequently preferred for camping. Located on the Black Sea coast Malko Tarnovo and Brodilovo and the villages Kosti, Gramatikovo, Balgari and Brashlyan you will come across many hostels and pensions. The town of Malko Tarnovo and the village of Gramatikovo are two expertise centers that operate in Strandzha Nature Park. You can get an idea about the biologicsl diversity of the park by visiting these centers which have various materials and publications related to natural and cultural structures, infrastructure and accommodation within the boundaries of the Nature Park.
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