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About Litomerice

Litomerice, which is located on the branches of the Elbe River, is a historical town in the northern part of the Czech Republic. The town is about 70 kilometers far from Prague, and it is often called as the Garden of Bohemia. The main reason for this name is undoubtedly the grapes and fruits which are the gift of the region's mild climate. The surrounding area of the town is surrounded by vineyards and gardens. Therefore, it looks like a huge greenhouse.

It is possible to see many old buildings, which still has the magic of the past, In Litomerice that has been affected by the wars near its location. While wandering around the area, you should add St. Stephen Cathedral to the top of your list, which is located on the Cathedral Square and catch the attention particularly with its baroque architecture. The church decorated with glamorous original paintings will impress you at the moment you step inside.

If you think that what you will see in Litomerice is just above the ground level, you are mistaken. There are tunnels that are hidden under the ground and many of them are connected with each other. They seem like an invisible network under the city. The total length of tunnels is more than 3 kilometers and only 336 meters are open to visitors.

You can meet the magnificent face of Czech history in Litomerice that is declared as the sister city with Fulda and Meissen of Germany, Calamba and Dapitan of the Philippines, and Armentieres of France. Furthermore, there are great hotels where you can stay the night during your stay in Litomerice. All you need to do is complete your reservation process especially before the busy tourism periods. By this way, you can visit the city and its glorious churches, mysterious underground tunnels and lush green vineyards surrounding its near area.

You can taste delicious and traditional dishes in the city which will impress you with its magical atmosphere as well as the ones that visited it before. You should also taste the soups made in the country, which are namely Česnečka that is most famous and made with garlic, Gulášovka that is known as Czech style of the goulash soup, Bramboračka that contains plenty potatoes, Czech Karbanátek that is covered with bread crumbs and made with any kind of meat such as fish, pork or beef.  Besides, you should give a chance to duck meat served with pickled cabbage. Fresh water fish are highly popular within the country because there is no sea in the Czech Republic. In the country, you can find many delicious meals that are especially included carp fish. Carp fish, which is also the main dish of the New Year table, is usually consumed by roasting before that time of the year. Next to the fish, there are potatoes that are served almost with every Czech dish. Boiled sausages and steaks are quite significant among the other delicious options waiting for the visitors of Litomerice who want to taste traditional dishes.

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