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One of the most important tourism centres of Slovakia, Liptovsky Mikulas is a town by the Vah River.It is located in the Liptov Basin, close to Low Tatras and Tatra Mountains. The town is the first stop to drop by of the tourists thanks to its rich culture and being within easy distance of Low Tatras.

Demanovska Cave of Liberty is one of the natural treasures of Liptovsky Mikulas. You can easily arrive the cave on foot and get a guided tour there. Demanovska Ice Cave is a fascinating cave, which attracts the tourist a lot. The most ideal time to visit Demanovska Ice Cave is spring due to the fact that you can feel the ambiance of the ice blocks in this period.

Liptovsky Mikulas has recently been one of the top touristic attraction thanks to both the Tatralandia Water Park established in 2004 and its close location to Jasna, one of the most popular ski resorts of Europe. Besides, you should definitely see Zoo Kontakt, one of the best zoos that you could have a unique experience in Europe.

You can try both world and traditional cuisines in Liptovsky Mikulas, and even eat kebab, a typical  Turkish cuisine food, in Slovakia. The most ideal period to visit Liptovsky Mikulas, where both cold and mild climate are dominant, is August-September, or October-December.

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