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About Leutasch

Leutasch is located in the valley of a high Alpine glacier close to the border of Germany-Bavaria. Comprised of 26 small villages, Leutasch lies also approximately 30 kilometers north of Innsbruck. If you love rural sceneries and want to blend into the nature, peace is the first thing welcoming you in this traditional city. The city is embellished in different colors with its wooden houses, valleys full of butterflies and windows decorated with floral arches every season. Covered in snow especially in winter, the city is one of the addresses well-known by the cross-country skiing lovers. 33-kilometer long tracks on the sides of the Wetterstein Massif welcome lots of international skiers every year. Because the city is not affected by the “Foehn” wind, which melts the snow in other winter towns quickly, the city stays covered in snow for a long time and its climate is always mild.  Whereas Leutasch, which is a part of Seefeld, an olympic skiing zone, is one of the most popular winter-sport centers with its modern facilities including 25 elevators and telphers, you can enjoy the seasons through its walking tracks.

You also come across an atmosphere where amazing sceneries and art works come together along the walking tracks of this magnificent peaceful city. Leutasch Gorge, which characterizes the city mostly, is one of the best places to impress you with its location in middle of forests and breathtaking drawbridge. Exhibiting an interesting culture, the Ganghofer Museum is a place to visit in the city, where you will hear many rumors regarding that ghosts hide themselves in this valley, which is full of strange rock formations and affluent waterfalls. The small lakes and birches around them and the historical churches are also some of the photogenic spots you will encounter while visiting the city. Near the Alpine sceneries, a bell symbolizes the peace and it is also a symbol of the region where the city is located. You can hear this bell at 5 o’clock systematically every day; the height of the bell and its diameter are both 2.5 meters.

You can arrive in Leutasch, a route to escape from the urban life into the nature, in 30 minutes from the Innsbruck Airport. You can take the public transportation vehicles to go to the city from the airport.

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