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Las Pinas is a large city with a population of 600.000, which was firstly founded as a small fishing village. The city is located in a place that is not too far from the capital of the Philippines, Manila. In the past, the main source of living was fishing, but today salt production takes an important role in the economy of the city. In addition, salt and fishing are not the only sources of living in Las Pinas anymore. Thanks to advanced industrial establishments, particularly automotive, it is called as a center of attraction.

In the city, which has become a favorite for students thanks to the universities established one after the other, many concerts and shows are organized during the year. When you travel to Las Pinas, you can visit historical sites and museums first, and then enjoy the time during the festivals. The public transportation vehicle known as Jeepney peculiar to the country is quite common within the city. It is more like a semi-open bus, and it draws attraction of tourists in the city due to its different appearance.

Likewise the whole country, Las Pinas has also a hot and humid climate throughout the year. In order to travel easily, you should be ready for the rain and take your umbrella with you all the time. You can travel to the capital city Manila in a short time by renting a car from the city or by using public transport such as bus. In Manila, one of the most developed cities in the country and described as the country center in many respects, you can see the old neighborhoods, and take a tour on the city's crowded but very exciting streets. Even if you don't have a lot of time for sightseeing, you can see the main points of Manila by taking a daily tour. Bear in mind that you will have unforgettable moments on your journeys to the islands in the Philippines that is admired by all the visitors because of its exquisite nature and tremendous landscapes.

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