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About Larnaka city

Larnaca, also known as Iskele, is a frequent destination of thousands of tourists each year and also the third biggest city of Sourthern Cyprus, after Nicosia and Limassol.  It is an economic  locomotive with its active port, international airport and the tourists hosted every year.

Dating back to 9. Century, The Church of St. Lazarus is a unique orthodox church with its architecture and history in Larnaca. It was named after Lazarus, the figure which is believed to resurrect Jesus Christ. If you wish to visit this church, you need to avoid wearing shorts and sleeveless tops. Instead, you had better prefer more reasonable clothings.

Hala Sultan Tekke is a must-see place as one of the rare Islamic architecture you could find in Southern Cyprus. It is a tomb built after the death of the aunt of Mohammed the Prophet, namely Umm Haram and an important monument in the islamic world. Larnaca Castle and Kamares aqueduct are also the iconic monuments that must be seen in this city.

You can or enjoy the se, drink your morning coffee or eat delicious dinner during the evening on the sandbard of Mckenzie, Mckenzie, Finikoudes.In Larnaca, where you can find various cuisine such as Mediterranean, Greece, Japan, Italian, the traditional food includes appetizers called meze, beans, tomatoe or aubergine a lot. Lamb and fish are also used a lot as the main course.

The ideal period to visit Larnaca, where classic Mediterranean climate is seen, is between April and November. This long period can be ideal for the tourist who would like to avoid peak season prices and look for special rates especially in the beginning or end of the season as an alternative.


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