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About La louviere

Included in the boundaries of the Hainaut Province of the country, La Louvière is an old mining site. It is a sister city of Foligno, Italy and Cordoba, Spain, being the center of many areas of the region. La Louvière is located in the west of Belgium.

The Roman legend narrated about the motherhood of a wolf for a small child is based on this city. In the city, which started to develop as of the 19th century, coal trade gained significance thanks to the roads, canals and railways built after this period. In the following years, La Louvière attracted those who wanted to be involved in trade and the population increased.

While visiting the city, you can see the old mining sites and chapels dating back to the 13th and 16th centuries. Besides, the houses in the city center are also quite fascinating. If you enjoy visiting interesting museums, you can visit the Coal Mining Museum, where you can witness the commercial past of the city. The visitors who are very much engaged in the modern art can visit the Fine Arts Museum nearby.

The temperatures change depending on the seasons in La Louvière. The city has a climate which is neither too hot nor too cold. thermometers generally show 2-4 degrees during the winter months. In summers, the temperatures are around 19-20 degrees.

The festival called Laetare is the most important activity of all organized in the city.  Various groups appear on the stage during the festival, which continues for three days. La Louvière is worth visiting especially during these days, when the excitement of the festival is at the peak.

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