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Kutna Hora is a city in the central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic and is 70 km from the capital city of Prague. The medieval architecture has been preserved almost unchanged in this little city that draws tourist with its historic texture and heritage. The old town square of Kutna Hora and surrounding area, the St. Barbara Cathedral, and Virgin Mary Church, are all Unesco World Heritage Sites.

The essential first stop for anyone visiting Kutna Hora is undoubtedly the famous Kostnice Ossuary, also known as the Bone Church. How the Bone Church ended up as it is today, as a summary, is because there wasn’t enough space in the graveyard to the amount of space needed and human remains were incorporated into the church itself. It’s definitely a unique sight to behold.

The Mother Mary column and the stone fountain are both worthy of appreciation as special examples of Gothic architecture. Corpus Christi Chapel deserves a visit with its different architectural style, artwork, and colorful stained glass windows.   

The temperature drops below freezing in Kutna Hora during the winter months, and in the summer rises to around 18-20 degrees. Rainfall is common in the city throughout the year and especially intense during the summer months.

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