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Kutchan-Cho, which is a small town in Hokkaido in the north of Japan, is situated in the foothills of Yotei Volcano. Potato production forms the basis of the urban economy and is globally known for its quality and taste. Another feature that makes Kutchan-Cho special is its proximity to Niseko. Snow in this region is always fresh, fine and soft like dust. This situation creates a very favorable environment for winter sports. Kutchan-Cho is one of places receiving the most snowfall in the world. Although the four seasons are experienced in the town, the long winter season continuing from November to April dominates the town. In this period, the temperature is mostly measured in minus values. The spring season doesn’t last long while the summer months are very short but the temperature is close to 30 degrees.

Kutchan-Cho, where almost every kind of sports can be done in the large part of the year, attracts many tourists thanks to this feature. In addition, it has a geography suitable for various nature sports like rafting or paragliding. Asahigoaka Park is one of the places to visit in the town. The large park offers a wonderful view of Kutchan-Cho in addition to a very green and peaceful environment.

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