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About Kumluca

Kumluca was home many different civilizations such as Lycians, Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantines, Ancient Rhodes Civilization and many others throughout the history with its amazing nature and location. All these civilizations left many historical artifacts behind them. In Kumluca, which is one of the southernmost regions of Turkey, the ancient city of Olympos built by the Romans in the 2nd century BC is located and there are Roman temple, church and many other historical structures in the ancient city. Theatre, cistern, sanctuary, tower and other remains within the borders of the ancient city of Rhodiapolis which was built by the Rhodians in their own settlement are visited by a great number of domestic and foreign tourists. Additionally, it is known that the ancient city of Corydalla, which was unearthed during the excavations, was built by the Romans. The aqueducts and castle walls in the ancient city of Corydalla defy the centuries. The foundations of Kumluca, which is one of the most important seaside towns built in the Ottoman period, were laid in 1830s. The town developed rapidly in the Republican period and made great progress with the tourism investments. Thanks to the hotels, pensions, restaurants and tourist facilities located along the Adrasan and Olympos Bays, thousands of tourists are hosted every year. Karaöz Bay, on the other hand, comes to the forefront as a popular place for surfing, water-skiing and sea sports.

With a population of 65 thousand, Kumluca is one of the crowded districts of Antalya and inhabitants make a living from greenhouse cultivation on Kumluca Plain as well as tourism. Almost half of the population make a living from greenhouse cultivation and this makes Kumluca as one of the most important greenhouse cultivation points of Turkey. Mediterranean climate is experienced in the town. Summer and spring time is very hot whereas fall and winter time is warm and rainy. The closest airport to the town is Antalya Airport which is 40 minutes away.

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