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About Ksamil

Located in the south of the Albanian Riviera and known for olive oil, lemon and tangerine production in the communism period, Ksamil is a coastal village. It is a perfect place for relaxation with its sandy beaches, clear water and fresh marine products. This small paradise in the south of Albania has been a popular destination receiving a great number of tourists recently. The first destination to choose in Ksamil, which has some of the most beautiful beaches of Europe, should be Saranda and Ksamil Beach near Corfu. If this beach is too crowded for you - because generally it is - you can consider the tiny islands around by taking a short walk. Monastery Beach between Saranda and Ksamil is also worth visiting; you can reach there via a short journey by bus. Before the beach, you can first visit the monastery and then walk to the beach. You can also watch the sunset from the monastery.

Located only 10 minutes away from Ksamil, Butrint is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The ancient city, which has remained from the Greeks, can be visited at a calmer time, especially in the morning or evening during the summer months. You should also visit the old castle above the old traditional stone houses in Gjirokaster, which is also in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Besides, you can pursue both history and adventure with cycling tours organized to these regions included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Butrint National Park, a green archeological complex, has 26 endangered species including wolves and white-tailed sea eagle. You can consider the cycling tours and walking tracks in the Butrint National Park, which is the richest region in terms of the biological diversity of the country.

Syri i Kaltër (Blue Eye), which is not so far from Ksamil, is a natural phenomenon. Although it is thought that the depth of the Blue Eye is around 50 meters, it is not possible to measure it as no one has ever dived into such a depth. If you wish, you can also have a good time in the nearby restaurants in the region, the water of which is cool enough for relaxation. You can explore the town Saranda, which is quite lively in summer, for its both night life and restaurants. In Saranda, Lekuresi Castle, which used to surround a whole village in the past, is also worth visiting. You can capture amazing photos by climbing up on its watchtower with panoramic view, extending till Corfu and the Greek border.

Mostly, you will come across sea food and meat dishes in Ksamil, where you will enjoy eating and drinking with reasonable prices. Other than these, appetizers and salads are a must. If you would like to visit Ksamil, which has its peak time in July and August, at a calmer time, you can travel in April-June and September-November.

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