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Kragujevac, one of the four largest cities in Serbia, is among the developed settlements with a population of about 200.000 people. The city is located about 130 kilometers south of Belgrade the capital and easily accessible from the capital.

The city was firstly mentioned in the written sources at the end of the 15th century and its strategic importance increased with the Ottoman rule. During that period, Kragujevac, which was one of the leading cities of the country in commercial, military and economic terms, increased its popularity with the caravanserais, mosques and bridges built around it. In particular, the regional trade's gaining importance and trading houses established one after another played an important role in increasing the viability of the city.

According the latest census, the population of Kragujevac is around 200.000 people. While the majority of the city population is of Serbian origin, the migrants from the surrounding countries also constitute a small part. Especially immigrants from Romania, Montenegro and Macedonia are important groups among foreigners.

You will be fascinated by the splendid historic buildings while visiting the city, the first capital of modern Serbia between 1818 and 1841. You won't have completed your trip to Kragujevac without seeing the National Theater, which is among the spectacular architectural wonders of the 19th century.

Thanks to advanced road networks, you can travel by bus or car from Belgrade, the capital, to the city which is easily accessible from many places in the region. If you want to get here through the Montenegro border, you are recommended to keep in mind that you can easily travel to the city from here as well. You can also take advantage of the railway option for transportation.

You can take a taxi to get to different points in the city or you can start to see around by renting a car from the city center. Unlike large European cities, there are many parking spaces in the city for those who rent a car. The humid ocean climate is effective in and around Kragujevac. Therefore, although the temperature values vary during the year, there are no significant differences in the sensed temperatures.

If you like Jazz music and art festivals, you can have a different experience by visiting the city during the period when International Jazz Festival, Arsenal Fest or International Theater Festival are held.

Sports activities also have an extremely important place in the city. Caka Daca Stadium, which is one of the three biggest stadiums of Serbia in terms of spectator capacity, is one of the must-see places for sports enthusiats. Kragujevac is also very fortunate in terms of boxing, basketball, volleyball, wrestling and handball events. While planning your trip, you can spend a few hours in one of these activities and experience both enjoyable and exciting moments.

Sister city of Pitesti city of Romania since 1971, Kragujevac is also known as the sister city of Ohrid of Macedonia and Springfield city of the United States of America.

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